The Many Worlds of Cosmic Tigger

Welcome to The Many Worlds of Cosmic Tigger

In addition to my ongoing Autobiography in Random Chapters and the finally-completed Doctor Who/Torchwood fanfic story Pit Stop, I’ve been working on and off for over two decades on various abortive projects. These include The Great Unpublishable Novel and any number of unstarted short stories and poems. Since October 2009 I’ve been doing a course in Creative Writing at the University of Glamorgan, under the rather daunting tutelage of acclaimed writer Catherine Merriman. As a result, I’ve finally got an incentive to dig out what I can find of my Uncollected Notebooks and refine some half-forgotten ideas. I thought it made more sense to collate them all under one cover, rather than scatter them throughout the main blog – so they’ll appear here as and when I get round to polishing them up.

Of course, like my great hero Jack Trevor Story (and, I suspect, most writers who are honest enough to admit it) I’m an extremely undisciplined writer. I simply can’t produce copy to order. That’s partly the reason I abandoned my dream of a career in journalism (even though the former editor of my local paper suggested an outline for a book a few months ago – and then did me the huge honour of telling me that I ought to write it!) The concept of having to produce 500 words on a given topic by noon on Tuesday just doesn’t work for me. In fact, the idea of producing a piece to order during a two-hour window on a Monday afternoon doesn’t really work for me either. Instead, I find my ideas usually come to me in the pub, or on the train, or when I’m in the bath, or in bed trying to drift off to sleep.

But since I’ve signed up for this damned course, I suppose I might as well do something with the bits and pieces I’ve produced. I had an added boost a few weeks ago when we had our first assignment back, and I’d managed to notch up a rather surprising 72% – equivalent to a First. That was for Going Up in the World, so I’ve put that at the start.  The rest are in no particular order. I’ve tried to date them where possible, but I’ve no doubt that this blog will quickly get as out of control as my main one.  Have fun!

GOING UP IN THE WORLD (A childhood memoir)


TIME BETWEEN (A short story)



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